Rules Governing the State Bar – Comment Period Closed March 17, 2018

USB14-0101  Amend.  Article 1.  Integration and Management.

USB14-0102  Amend.  Rule 14-102.  Regulation of the practice of law.

USB14-0103  Amend.  Rule 14-103.  Organization and management of the Bar.

USB14-0104  Amend.  Rule 14-104.  Admission to practice law; qualifications, enrollment, oath, and fees.

USB14-0105  Amend.  Rule 14-105.  Conduct of licensed lawyers and judicial officers; complaints, investigations, and discipline.

USB14-0107  Amend.  Rule 14-107.  Annual license, fees; disbursements of funds.

USB14-0108  Amend.  Rule 14-108.  Issuance of license; form.

USB14-0110  Amend.  Rule 14-110.  Active and inactive members of the Bar.

USB14-0111  Amend.  Rule 14-111.  Practicing without a license prohibited.

USB14-0112  Amend.  Rule 14-112.  Duties of attorneys and counselors at law.

USB14-0201  Amend.  Bylaws.

USB14-0203  Amend.  Rule 14-203.  License categories.

USB14-0210  Amend. Rule 14-210.  General.