Rules of Civil Procedure

URCP 004. Process. Amend. In conjunction with repealing Rule 71B, permit case to proceed against parties who are served.
URCP 006. Time Amend. Permit 3 additional days in which to respond if notice is served by mail, fax, or electronic service.
URCP 062. Stay of proceedings to enforce a judgment. Amend. Establishes an automatic 10-day stay on enforcing a judgment.
URCP 064C. Writ of attachment. Amend. Permits a writ of attachment when the writ is authorized by statute.
URCP 068. Offer of judgment. Amend. Changes name of rule to “Settlement offers.” Makes results of failure to improve bi-directional.
URCP 071A. Process in behalf of and against persons not parties. Renumber and Amend. In conjunction with repealing Rule 71B, renumber Rule 71A as Rule 71. Gender neutral text.
URCP 071B. Proceedings where parties not summoned. Repeal. Rule is contrary to due process.