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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed

CJA01-0305. Board of senior judges. Amend. The proposed amendments (1) expand membership on the Board to include senior justice court judges, and (2) revise the term lengths and number of meetings of the Board.

CJA03-0104. Presiding judges. Amend. The proposed amendments remove the requirement to send notice of a senior judge assignment to the State Court Administrator.

CJA03-0108. Judicial assistance. Amend. The proposed amendments (1) add water law cases to the criteria for transferring or assigning senior judges, and (2) clarify and simplify considerations for assigning senior judges.

CJA03-0111. Performance evaluations. Amend. The proposed amendments remove references to senior judges, as the processes for evaluating senior judge performance have been incorporated into Rule 11-201.

CJA03-0113. Senior judges. Amend. The proposed amendments (1) require the AOC to provide a new senior judge orientation, and (2) expand the responsibilities of court executives in providing support for senior judges.

CJA03-0403. Judicial branch education. Amend. The proposed amendments (1) clarify that “annually” refers to the fiscal year, and (2) revise and simplify education requirements for active and inactive senior judges.

CJA03-0501. Insurance benefits upon retirement. Amend. The proposed amendments revise qualifications for incentive benefits.

CJA011-0201. Senior Judges. Amend. 

CJA11-0203. Senior Justice Court Judges. Amend. 

The proposed amendments to Rules 11-201 and 11-203: (1) clarify and revise qualifications for appointment of senior judges, (2) establish qualifications and process for reappointment of senior judges, (3) establish and revise standards and processes for performance evaluation of senior judges, (4) clarify the role of the Judicial Council in the appointment and reappointment of senior judges, (5) revise the terms of office and authority of senior judges, and (6) include general cleanup for clarity and consistency.


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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed July 25, 2020

CJA03-0101. Judicial Performance Standards (AMEND)

CJA03-0104. Presiding Judges (AMEND)

CJA03-0111. Performance Evaluation of Senior Judges and Court Commissioners (AMEND)
The proposed amendments to Rules 3-101, 3-104, and 3-111 establish a definition for “submitted” for purposes of the case under advisement performance standard. The updates also provide discretion to the Council to excuse full compliance with the performance standards regarding cases under advisement and education hours for circumstances beyond the judge’s control, pursuant to Utah Code section 78A-2-223.

CJA06-0506. Procedure for Contested Matters Filed in the Probate Court (AMEND)
Change “may” to “will” in regard to scheduling a pre-mediation conference.

CJA03-0403. Judicial Branch Education (AMEND)

CJA09-0101. Board of Justice Court Judges (AMEND)

CJA09-0109. Presiding Judges (AMEND)
Proposed changes to Rules 9-101 and 9-109 provide an alternative to conducting elections for leadership positions in the justice courts when the justice court conference is canceled. The proposed change to 3-403 authorizes the Board of Justice Court Judges to excuse judges from that conference.

CJA04-0106. Electronic Conferencing (REPEAL)
Because remote hearing provisions exist in the rules of procedure, the proposal is to repeal CJA 4-106.

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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed April 23, 2016

CJA 03-0403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Gives the Management Committee authority to excuse an active senior judge applying for reappointment from completing the annual 30 hour education requirement based on good cause. To be eligible, the senior judge must have completed at least 60 total education hours in the two years preceding the effective date of reappointment.

CJA 04-0202.02. Records classification. Amend. Classifies jail booking sheets and nonresident violator notices of compliance as private. Deletes language addressing appellate brief addenda as they are governed by other rules.

CJA 04-0404. Jury selection and service. Amend. Incorporates recent amendments to the statute regarding a juror’s term of service.

CJA 04-0903. Uniform custody evaluations. Amend. Clarifies the list of professionals who may perform custody evaluations. Eliminates the provision allowing two custody evaluators to be appointed if one party resides out of state. Adds additional factors for a custody evaluator to consider when conducting an evaluation.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-0104. Presiding judges. Amend. Outlines the final determination for purposes of a case under advisement.
CJA 03-0403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Requires new judges to attend the first orientation program held after they have taken the oath of office. Provides an exception if attendance is excused by the Management Committee based on good cause.
CJA 04-0202.02 Records classification. Amend. Makes actions to remove an individual from the National Instant Background Check System private. Makes Qualified Domestic Relations Orders private.
CJA 04-0403. Signature stamp use. Amend. Provides for a clerk’s use of a judge’s or commissioner’s electronic signature when the clerk otherwise has permission under the rule to use the judge’s or commissioner’s signature stamp.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 01-205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Adds an attorney with experience representing parents in abuse, neglect and dependency cases to the Committee on Children and Family Law.
CJA 01-305. Board of Senior Judges. Amend. Restrict membership to active senior judges.
CJA 02-103. Open and closed meetings. Amend. Prohibits those attending a closed meeting from discussing the topic except with others attending the meeting.
CJA 03-403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Establishes the minimum requirements for an active senior judge after a break in service.
CJA 04-202.02. Records classification. Amend. Classifies as private the records in guardianship and conservatorship cases, except the order and letter of appointment. Classifies some select data elements as public or private.
CJA 04-202.09. Miscellaneous. Amend. Prohibits including non-public information in an otherwise public document. Specifies substitutes for personal identifying information.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 3-403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Eliminates mandatory attendance at annual judicial conference.
CJA 9-103. Certification of education requirements. Amend. Amend to conform to statutes.
CJA 11-303. Special admission exception for military lawyers. New. Permits qualified military lawyers on active duty who reside, but are not licensed in Utah, to provide uncompensated limited legal services to military personnel and their dependents who suffer substantial financial hardship. Effective May 4, 2004 under Rule 11-101(6)(F). Subject to further change after comment period.

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