Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-0104. Presiding judges. Amend. Outlines the final determination for purposes of a case under advisement.
CJA 03-0403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Requires new judges to attend the first orientation program held after they have taken the oath of office. Provides an exception if attendance is excused by the Management Committee based on good cause.
CJA 04-0202.02 Records classification. Amend. Makes actions to remove an individual from the National Instant Background Check System private. Makes Qualified Domestic Relations Orders private.
CJA 04-0403. Signature stamp use. Amend. Provides for a clerk’s use of a judge’s or commissioner’s electronic signature when the clerk otherwise has permission under the rule to use the judge’s or commissioner’s signature stamp.

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2 thoughts on “Code of Judicial Administration
  1. Sharon Nez

    Regarding CJA 04-0403. I think the clerk’s signature or intitials should be digital too, when the clerk signs underneath the judge’s digital signature, because most courts are trying to go paperless, as we are.

  2. Axel Trumbo

    CJA 3-104: What needs to be clarified is whether the 60-day clock starts over after a hearing is held. If the clock starts over, once the parties submit the case for a decision, a judge can wait almost 2 months, then schedule a hearing for argument, and after argument, take the matter under advisement, restarting the clock for another 2 months.