Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-413. Judicial library resources. Amend. Deletes references to materials no longer published.
CJA 04-201 Record of proceedings. Amend Permits the judge to allow access to the digital recording otherwise dsignated as “notes.”
CJA 04-203. Designating a case as historically significant. New. Establishes a process by which a person can request that a case be designated as historically significant. Records in historically significant cases will be retained permanently.
CJA 04-401. Media in the courtroom. Amend. Permits audio and video transmissions from the courtroom. Prohibits photographing documents and exhibits not in the public record. Clarifies that the judge can control areas adjacent to the courtroom without automatic restrictions.
CJA 06-601. The Board of District Court Judges. Amend. Prohibits a judge who is substituting for a Board member from making or voting on motions.