Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Comment Period Closed December 3, 2021

URJP027A. Admissibility of statements given by minors. Amended. Reflects statutory changes made by H.B. 178 Juvenile Interrogation Amendments (2021) and H.B. 285 Juvenile Code Recodification (2021).

URJP037. Child protective orders. Amended. Revises rule to comply with S.B. 32 Indigent Defense Act Amendments (2019). Clarifies that child protective order proceedings are governed by Title 78B, Chapter 7, Part 1 General Provisions, and Part 2 Child Protective Orders. Changes the time frame for holding a hearing after granting an ex party child protective order to align with statutory changes in H.B. 255 Protective Order Revisions (2021).

URJP045. Pre–Disposition Reports and Social Studies. Amended. Updates rule to reflect current terminology regarding dispositional reports in delinquency and abuse, neglect, and dependency cases and statutory changes contained in H.B. 285 Juvenile Code Recodification (2021). Clarifies that a juvenile judge shall not shall not view or consider a dispositional report in delinquency cases prior to adjudication since the dispositional report is typically uploaded to juvenile court’s record management system prior to the disposition hearing. Updates the timeframe for providing a dispositional report in delinquency cases to allow attorneys sufficient time to review the report with their minor client.

URJP055. Transfer of minors who present a danger in detention. Repealed. Rule 55 will be repealed because procedures governing minors in detention are contained in Title 80, Chapter 6, Juvenile Justice.