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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed July 25, 2020

CJA01-0205. Standing and ad hoc committees (AMEND)
Amends the title of the Uniform Fine and Bail Schedule Committee to the “Uniform Fine Committee.”

CJA04-0302. Uniform recommended fine/bail schedule (AMEND)

Amends the title of the rule to the “Recommended Uniform Fine Schedule,” deletes “bail” and/or replaces “bail” with “fine,” deletes “and a youth offender schedule” because the Uniform Fine Schedule no longer includes fines regarding youth, minors, or juvenile court, and in regard to presentence investigation reports, deletes “prepared by the Department of  Corrections” and the “Juvenile Court Probation Department” because that is not always the case.
CJA04-0701. Failure to appear (AMEND)
Replaces “forfeit bail” with “remit a fine” and replaces “bail” with “fine.”

CJA04-0704.  Authority of court clerks (AMEND)

Replaces “bail” with “fine,” replaces “forfeit bail” with “remit a fine,” and changes the name of the schedule to the “Uniform Fine Schedule.”
CJA06-0301. Authority of court commissioner as magistrate (AMEND)
Amends “bail” to “fines.”
Appendix B. Justice Court Standards (AMEND)
Amends “bail schedule” to “fine schedule.”
Appendix F. Utah State Courts Records Retention Schedule (AMEND)
Changes the name of the schedule to the “Uniform Fine Schedule.”
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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-414. Court security. Amend. Correct statutory references.
CJA 04-202.08. Fees for records, information, and services. Amend. Establishes the fee for delivery of documents by outgoing fax.
CJA 07-301. Intake. Amend. Delete erroneous reference to non-judicial adjustment as including a surcharge.
CJA 11-302. Admission pro hac vice. Amend. Exempts from the fee for admission pro hac vice attorneys representing the U.S. government and those representing indigent defendants on a pro bono basis.
CJA 11-304. Pro bono admission for law school faculty lawyers. New. Permits law school faculty member to perform pro bono legal services within this state. Establishes qualifications and procedures.

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