Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Comment Period Closed September 21, 2018

RGLPP15-0705. Known as the “grandfathering” rule because it describes the licensing requirements for Licensed Paralegal Practitioner applicants who have worked as paralegal for at least 7 years and therefore are exempt from the educational requirements for three years from the date the Bar begins to accept LPP licensure applications. Rule 15-705 is not yet effective and was previously published for comment. The LPP Steering Committee determined that LPP applicants seeking to meet the work experience requirements of the rule should be able to meet those requirements by being supervised by a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner. The current rule only allows supervision by a lawyer. The Steering Committee determined that LPP applicants in some regions of the State may not be able to meet the supervised work requirement if supervision by a lawyer is required. Supervision by an LPP will allow more applicants to obtain the work necessary for licensure.