Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed July 25, 2020

CJA03-0101. Judicial Performance Standards (AMEND)

CJA03-0104. Presiding Judges (AMEND)

CJA03-0111. Performance Evaluation of Senior Judges and Court Commissioners (AMEND)
The proposed amendments to Rules 3-101, 3-104, and 3-111 establish a definition for “submitted” for purposes of the case under advisement performance standard. The updates also provide discretion to the Council to excuse full compliance with the performance standards regarding cases under advisement and education hours for circumstances beyond the judge’s control, pursuant to Utah Code section 78A-2-223.

CJA06-0506. Procedure for Contested Matters Filed in the Probate Court (AMEND)
Change “may” to “will” in regard to scheduling a pre-mediation conference.

CJA03-0403. Judicial Branch Education (AMEND)

CJA09-0101. Board of Justice Court Judges (AMEND)

CJA09-0109. Presiding Judges (AMEND)
Proposed changes to Rules 9-101 and 9-109 provide an alternative to conducting elections for leadership positions in the justice courts when the justice court conference is canceled. The proposed change to 3-403 authorizes the Board of Justice Court Judges to excuse judges from that conference.

CJA04-0106. Electronic Conferencing (REPEAL)
Because remote hearing provisions exist in the rules of procedure, the proposal is to repeal CJA 4-106.