Rules of Professional Conduct

Petition to Revise Utah Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyer Advertising Rules. Revises the rules to more thoroughly address problems with misleading and inaccurate lawyer advertising, both potential and existing, in order to better protect the public. The changes are designed to help lawyers comply with the new rules, as they are more specific than current requirements. The basic components of the proposed rules provide fuller definitions of what constitutes false and misleading legal service communications. The proposed rules would tie compliance requirements to the Bar’s annual licensing renewal form. The new rules would require the lawyers to annually submit any Uniform Resource Locator (URL) they use in advertising and to submit such advertising as mass mailings. There is no requirement for prior review of any advertising.
RPC 07.01. Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services. Amend.
RPC 07.02. Advertising. Amend.
RPC 07.02A. Filing Requirements for Public Advertisements and Written, Recorded, Electronic, or Other Digital Solicitations. New.
RPC 07.02B. Advertising Review Committee; Pre-dissemination Review. New.
Exhibit 7. Western States Bar Conference Information.
Exhibit 8. Harrell v. The Florida Bar.
Exhibit 9. Research Memorandum.
Appendix A. ABA Model Rule 7.1.
Appendix B. ABA Model Rule 7.2.
Appendix C. Differences between State Advertising and Solicitation Rules and ABA Rules of Professional Conduct.
Appendix D. Florida Rules.
Appendix E. Nevada Rules.
Appendix F. Texas Rules.
Appendix G. Washington Rules.