Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed November 3, 2022

CJA04-0202.04. Request to access a record associated with a case; request to classify a record associated with a case. (Amend). Clarifies that requesters denied access to non-public court records associated with a case that they are not authorized to access under rule 4-202.03 must file a motion or petition to access the record.

CJA04-0202.08. Fees for records, information, and services. (Amend). Consistent with H.B. 96 and 63G-2-203(5)(c), the proposed amendments in lines 55-62 would allow the court to charge requesters for the first 15 minutes of personnel time if the person has submitted a separate request within the 10-day period immediately prior to the date of the new request, provided the person is not a Utah media representative.

In line 112, “impecunious” is changed to “indigent” to make it more consistent with Utah Code and other court rules.

In lines 116-118, indigent requesters are allowed one free copy of each record, after which they would be required to pay the standard rates. Exceptions can be made by the State Court Administrator.

CJA01-0204. Executive committees. (Amend). The proposed amendments create court-level core teams and subcommittees of Policy, Planning, and Technology to assist the Committee in accomplishing its new technology responsibilities.

CJA01-0201. Judicial Council Membership – Election. (Amend).

CJA01-0302. Board of Judges Membership – Officers – Secretariat. (Amend).

The proposed amendments clarify that Council members may serve as non-voting members of a trial court board and continue to allow an exception for the appellate courts.

Rule 1-201 has also been amended to reflect the Judicial Council’s membership exception for the Standing Committee on Judicial Fairness and Accountability set forth in rule 1-205(1)(C).