Rules of Civil Procedure

URCP 009. Pleading special matters. Amend. Removes the paragraph regarding a petition to renew a judgment. The process to renew a judgment is governed by proposed Rule 58C and the Judgment Renewal Act. Adopts much of the style and grammar of the federal rule.
URCP 026.01. Disclosure and discovery in domestic relations actions. Amend. Amends the disclosure deadlines to conform to Rule 26.
URCP 026.02. Disclosures in personal injury actions. Amend. Corrects a reference to amended Rule 9.
URCP 041. Dismissal of actions. Amend. Removes the provision for ruling against a plaintiff for failure to prove a right to relief, a similar but broader provision having been added to Rule 52, as in the federal rules. Adopts much of the style and grammar of the federal rule.
URCP 054. Judgment; costs. Amend. Establishes a process to add attorney fees and costs to a judgment.
URCP 058A. Entry of judgment; abstract of judgment. Amend. In conjunction with amendments to rule 4 of the Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure, establishes a new policy on time in which to appeal a judgment when a motion for attorney fees has been filed. A motion for attorney fees would have the same effect as a motion under rules 50, 52, and 59 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, extending the time in which to appeal to 30 days after the order on the motion, effectively overturning ProMax Development Corp. v. Raile, 2000 UT 4, 998 P.2d 254.
URCP 058C. Motion to renew judgment. New. In conjunction with the Judgment Renewal Act and the amendment to Rule 9, describes the process for renewing a judgment.
URCP 073. Attorney fees. Amend. Modifies the process for claiming attorney fees. Adopts many features of FRCP 54(d).