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Rules Governing the State Bar – Comment Period Closed September 26, 2020

USB14-0805. Admission for spouse of active military stationed in Utah. Proposed change in 14-805(a)(4)(A) requires military spouse applicants to pay the full application fee rather than half.  Reason for the change is recent federal legislation that reimburses military spouses for the full application fee.

USB14-0715. Request for review. Proposed change in 14-715(e)(4) allows petitioners to submit a reply brief that is limited to the facts raised in the Bar’s response to the initial petition.

USB14-0705. Admission by Motion and USB14-0719. Qualifications for admission of House Counsel Applicants. Changes to both rules permit House Counsel licensees to count time spent practicing in Utah with a house counsel license toward the time required for admission by motion.


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Rules Governing the State Bar – Comment Period Closed December 16, 2018

USB14-0804. Certification for military legal assistance lawyers. Amend. Updates the standards for military lawyers who are allowed by military and federal law to assist certain persons who can receive military legal assistance.

USB14-0805. Admission for spouse of active military stationed in Utah. New. Allows spouses of servicemen and women who are stationed in Utah to serve as practicing lawyers under certain conditions.

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Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB 14-0510. Prosecution and appeals. Amend. Allows OPC to refer matters to the Professionalism Counseling Board established pursuant to Supreme Court Standing Order No. 7. Allows OPC to appeal screening panel determinations and recommendations. Authorizes the chair of the Ethics & Discipline Committee to increase a sanction imposed by a screening panel.
USB 14-0515. Access to disciplinary information. Amend. Allows direct communication between OPC, members of the Ethics and Discipline Committee and the Professionalism Counseling Board.

Petition to Adopt the Uniform Bar Exam Substantive and technical amendments to multiple rules to adopt the Uniform Bar Exam in Utah.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
USB 14-0701. Definitions.
USB 14-0702. Board – general powers.
USB 14-0703. Qualifications for admission of Student and Foreign Law School Applicants.
USB 14-0704. Qualifications for admission of Attorney Applicants.
USB 14-0705. Admission by Motion.
USB 14-0706. Test accommodations.
USB 14-0707. Application; deadlines; withdrawals; postponements and fees.
USB 14-0708. Character and fitness.
USB 14-0709. Application denial.
USB 14-0710. Administration of the Bar Examination.
USB 14-0711. Grading and passing of the Bar Examination.
USB 14-0712. Qualifications for admission based on UBE.
USB 14-0713. MPRE.
USB 14-0714. Unsuccessful Applicants: disclosure and right of inspection.
USB 14-0715. Bar Examination appeals.
USB 14-0716. License fees; enrollment fees; oath and admission.
USB 14-0717. Readmission after resignation or disbarment of Utah attorneys.
USB 14-0718. Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants. Renumber from 14-805 and amend.
USB 14-0719. Qualifications for admission of House Counsel Applicants. Renumber from 14-720 and amend.
USB 14-0720. Confidentiality. Renumber from 14-719 and amend.
USB 14-0805. Reserved.

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