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Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Comment Period Closed April 24, 2022

URJP007. Warrants. Amend. Adds a statutory reference to Utah Code section 62A-4a-202.1 for warrants that are executed in child welfare proceedings. Proposal to allow counsel for the Division of Child and Family Services to file an ex parte motion to vacate a warrant issued pursuant to Utah Code section 62A-4a-202.1 for a child, who is missing, has been abducted, or has run away.

URJP025. Pleas. Amend. Reflects changes contained in H.B. 285 Juvenile Code Recodification (2021). Modifies paragraph (a) to add a statutory reference to Utah Code section 80-6-306. Deletes paragraph (d) to remove language contained in Utah Code section 80-6-306. Proposal detailing the procedure for how delayed admissions under Utah Code section 80-6-306 will be resolved.

URJP060. Judicial bypass procedure to authorize minor to consent to an abortion. Amend. Modifies the time frames in paragraph (d).

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Rules of Juvenile Procedure

URJP 09. Detention hearings; scheduling; hearing procedure. Amend. Specifies time for review of different types of pre-disposition orders.
URJP 25. Pleas. Amend. Modifies the findings needed to accept a plea.

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