Utah Rules of Business and Chancery Court Procedure – Comment Period Closed June 9, 2024

NEW Rules of Business and Chancery Court Procedure – These rules were drafted using the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure as their base line.  Thus, the Committee determined that the Rules of Civil Procedure were adequate for the Business and Chancery Court, these rules simply incorporate them by reference rather than repeat the identical language.  For example, although these rules include significant modifications to Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 26, necessitating a distinct Rule 26 for the Business and Chancery Court, the Committee concluded that Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 37, including its mechanisms for enforcing the parties’ discovery obligations under Rule 26, could be adopted into these rules without modification and is therefore incorporated by reference.  The Rules of Civil Procedure that do not apply in Business and Chancery Court are explicitly excluded by reference in Appendix A.

URBCP001.NEW — General provisions.

URBCP008.NEW — General rules of pleadings.

URBCP010.NEW — Form of pleadings and other papers.

URBCP013.NEW — Counterclaim and crossclaim.

URBCP014.NEW— Third-party practice.

URBCP016.NEW— Pretrial conferences.

URBCP018.NEW— Joinder of claims and remedies.

URBCP019.NEW— Joinder of persons needed for just adjudication.

URBCP020.NEW— Permissive joinder of parties.

URBCP022.NEW — Interpleader.

URBCP024.NEW— Intervention.

URBCP026.NEW — General provisions governing disclosure and discovery.

URBCP038.NEW— Jury trial of right.

URBCP042.NEW — Consolidation and separate trials.

URBCP063.NEW — Disability or disqualification of a judge.

URBCP065A.NEW— Injunctions.

URBCP065B.NEW — Extraordinary relief.

URBCP077.NEW — Business and chancery court; clerks.

URBCP085.NEW— Title.

URBCP086.NEW  — Licensed paralegal practitioners.

Appendix A Rules of Civil Procedure excluded from Rules of Business and Chancery Court Procedure