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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed June 15, 2020

CJA03-0402. Human Resources Administration (AMEND). Clarifies language, provides consistency with relevant state statutes and current practices, and aligns with the Judicial Council direction.

CJA04-0202.08. Fees for records, information, and services (AMEND). Amendments account for the use of thumb drives and other current technology, and increase the charge for storage devices from $10.00 to $15.00.

CJA04-0411. Courthouse Attire (NEW). To ensure that Utah’s courts are open in accordance with Article 1, Section 11 of the Utah Constitution while balancing the need for decorum in court proceedings and safety of all persons having business in Utah’s courthouses.


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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed July 6, 2019

CJA01-0204. Executive Committees. AMEND – Clarifies role of Policy and Planning Committee regarding human resources policies and procedures.

CJA03-0402. Human Resources Administration. AMEND – Updates committee membership and clarifies workflow for processing proposed revisions to the human resource policies and procedure.

CJA04-020.03. Records access. AMEND – Permits a parent or guardian of a minor victim to access the disposition order entered in a delinquency case.

CJA04-0903. Uniform custody evaluations. AMEND – Adds “Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor” to list of professionals who may perform custody evaluations.  Removes from the rule the list of factors required to be considered by evaluator, instead directing that all custody factors set forth in statute must be considered.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 01-0205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Changes the name of the Court Interpreter Committee to the Language Access Committee.
CJA 03-0306. Court interpreters. Amend. Creates a complaint process for failure to follow the requirements of the rule. Clarifies that Rule 3-306 is not authority to charge for language access costs. Cites the competing authority of federal and state law. Recognizes interpreter credentials from other states. Requires staff to be acting within the scope of human resource policies and procedures, which includes qualifications for a second language stipend, before engaging in a first-hand conversation with a person of limited English proficiency.
CJA 03-0402. Human resources administration. Amend. Changes the name of the career service review board to the grievance review panel.
CJA 04-0110. Transfer of juvenile cases from district and justice courts to the juvenile court. Amend. Technical change, recognizing that Section 78A-7-106 governs transfer of cases from justice court to juvenile court.
CJA 04-0404. Jury selection and service. Amend. Implements the requirement of Section 78B-1-110 that compliance with a summons satisfies a person’s jury service obligation for two years. Permits a court to establish a shorter term of service than is provided by rule, but not longer.
CJA 04-0508. Guidelines for ruling on a motion to waive fees. Amend. Includes juvenile court within the guidelines of the rule.

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