Rules of Appellate Procedure – Comment Period Closed June 19, 2022

The Committee proposes amending the listed rules to (1) add “or declaration” any time affidavit is mentioned; (2) add an Advisory Committee Note explaining that the term “declaration” refers to the unsworn declaration described in Title 78b, Chapter 18a, Uniform Unsworn Declarations Act; (3) move the reference to the statute in Rule 37 to an Advisory Committee Note so the rules will be consistent; and (4) remove language in Rules 8 and 17 regarding other sworn statements.

URAP008. Stay or injunction pending appeal. 

URAP017.  Stay pending review. 

URAP023B. Motion to remand for findings necessary to determination of ineffective assistance of counsel claim. 

URAP029. Oral argument. 

URAP037. Suggestion of mootness; voluntary dismissal.