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Rules of Criminal Procedure – Comment Period Closed February 23, 2019

URCrP007B. The proposed amendment states that a motion to quash a bindover will be decided by the judge to whom the case is assigned after bindover.

URCrP016. The proposed amendments create greater specificity about the information that must be disclosed by the prosecution and by the defense. And the proposed amendments expand on the consequences for failing to disclose information.

URCrP027. The proposed amendments will allow a defendant to seek a stay upon filing a motion for a new trial.

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Rules of Criminal Procedure – Comment Period Closed August 11, 2017

URCrP 007 Amend. The provisions in existing rule 7 are being divided into separate rules, each dealing with a different subject. Rule 7 will now address initial proceedings for class A misdemeanors and felonies.

URCrP 007A New. The rule addresses procedures for class B & C misdemeanors and infractions. The rule also adds specific provisions on pretrial release conditions.

URCrP 007B New. The rule addresses preliminary hearings. The rule generally reflects existing language.

URCrP 007C New. The rule addresses the procedures for material witnesses. The rule generally follows existing language.

URCrP 009 New. The new rule 9 will establish procedures for warrantless arrests. Of particular interest to practitioners may be the time-frames related to pretrial release decisions and deadlines for filing informations.

URCrP 009A New. The rule creates procedures for arrests pursuant to a warrant and includes specific procedures on pretrial release decisions.

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