Rules Governing the State Bar – Comment Period Closed March 17, 2018

USB14-0101  Amend.  Article 1.  Integration and Management.

USB14-0102  Amend.  Rule 14-102.  Regulation of the practice of law.

USB14-0103  Amend.  Rule 14-103.  Organization and management of the Bar.

USB14-0104  Amend.  Rule 14-104.  Admission to practice law; qualifications, enrollment, oath, and fees.

USB14-0105  Amend.  Rule 14-105.  Conduct of licensed lawyers and judicial officers; complaints, investigations, and discipline.

USB14-0107  Amend.  Rule 14-107.  Annual license, fees; disbursements of funds.

USB14-0108  Amend.  Rule 14-108.  Issuance of license; form.

USB14-0110  Amend.  Rule 14-110.  Active and inactive members of the Bar.

USB14-0111  Amend.  Rule 14-111.  Practicing without a license prohibited.

USB14-0112  Amend.  Rule 14-112.  Duties of attorneys and counselors at law.

USB14-0201  Amend.  Bylaws.

USB14-0203  Amend.  Rule 14-203.  License categories.

USB14-0210  Amend. Rule 14-210.  General.

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3 thoughts on “Rules Governing the State Bar – Comment Period Closed March 17, 2018
  1. Judge G. A. Petry

    The language in Lines 79/80 in USB 14-0203 speaks to lawyers Isn’t the intent of this revision to promulgate rules regarding licensed paralegal practitioners?

    79 (7) other jurisdictions in which the lawyer is admitted and date of admission and bar number
    80 or identification number from those jurisdictions;

  2. Chris Rogers

    I oppose the Licensed Limited Paralegal. It dilutes the practice of law in the state and allows a paralegal to tread upon traditional areas of attorney licensure, which required extensive education and testing. Additionally, we have a significant number of unemployed or underemployed attorneys in Utah and now this will further decrease opportunities from licensed attorneys to not sufficiently trained paralegals.

  3. Amy Pomeroy

    I am an attorney and I am very much in favor of allowing paralegals to provide more legal services. I have worked with many paralegals who, through on-the-job-training, have become very knowledgeable and competent and could provide competent legal services in a number of practice areas. The Bar claims that one of its goals is to make legal services accessible to all, and yet many people remain under served because legal fees are very expensive. If paralegals are willing to provide services and the public is willing to use them, there shouldn’t be a legal barrier to those transactions just to protect the jobs (and inflated prices) of attorneys.