Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed June 11, 2021

CJA 11-401. Standing Committee on Appellate Representation and the Appellate Roster. Amend.

CJA11-0401. Redline version

CJA11-0401. Clean version

The following is a brief summary of the rule amendments (line numbers refer to the redline version and note where the subject amendments begin). Amendments to Rule 11-401:
  • Address the creation of the Indigent Appellate Defense Division (line 12);
  • Simplify committee composition (line 33);
  • Clarify that at least one appellate brief submitted for application purposes must be in the relevant subject matter area (line 100);
  • Add a CLE requirement (line 139);
  • Add requirements for entity exempt status and clarify when an attorney falls under that exemption (lines 16 and 154); and
  • Increase term limits from three to five years (lines 128 and 138).

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2 thoughts on “Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed June 11, 2021
  1. Sheleigh A Harding

    Line 145 still refers to the 3 year term, rather than the proposed 5 year term. I support the change to a 5 year term.

  2. Lori Seppi

    On line 12-13, I think the citation to section 78B-22-802 is incorrect. Section 78B-22-102 defines “indigent defense service provider,” “indigent individual,” and “indigent defense services.” It seems like the second citation should maybe be to 78B-22-901 or -902. On line 23, it may make sense to add the word “defense” to “indigent service provider attorneys,” so it reads “indigent defense service provider attorneys.”