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2 thoughts on “Rules Governing the Utah State Bar
  1. R. King

    The proposed amendment of Rule 10 to require that an attorney list only one address on the caption of all papers and pleadings ignores the reality that many attorneys and law firms have only one address.
    Requiring all papers to be served on an attorney at the one address listed with the Bar increases the administrative burden on attorneys, and will increase costs for clients, because there will be an increased cost of transmitting papers from one office to another office, where a case is actually being handled. The burden is unnecessary.
    A better solution would be to require attorneys to use only one email address, which the attorney can access from anywhere in the world, and to require the Court and all parties to serve papers on the Attorney at that email address.

  2. John Bogart

    I urge adoption of the proposed rule. It does not materially expand the safe harbor but does more accurately describe enforcement policies of OPC.