Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Comment Period Closed January 1, 2024

URJP052. Appeals. Amend. The proposed amendments to Rule 52 include an overall restructure of the rule to provide clarity regarding juvenile court appeals timeframes. The amendments also include the addition of restoration of parental rights cases as cases that may be subject to appeal.

URJP056. Expungement. Amend. The proposed amendments to Rule 56 include: (1) updates to the referenced statute; (2) a simpler and clearer paragraph (b) regarding adjudication expungements that aligns with the statute, while removing language that places requirements not found in the statute; (3) removal of the language in paragraph (d) as the statute now places the responsibility of serving an expungement order on the juvenile court; and (4) the addition of three new expungement categories created by House Bill 60 of the 2023 Legislative Session.

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