Rules of Evidence – Comment Period Closed December 31, 2023

URE0506. Physician and Mental Health Therapist-Patient. Amend. This rule was previously published for public comment as to proposed new subparagraphs (d)(2), (e), and (f), and proposed changes to subparagraph (b)(3) and renumbered subparagraphs (d)(3) and (d)(4). After receiving public comments, the Committee proposes to amend subparagraph (d)(1) to clarify that the preponderance of the evidence standard applies to the exception addressed there. The Committee also proposes to substitute the term “matter” for “case” in subparagraph (d)(2) and (e), and to make other changes for stylistic uniformity. The post-public comment proposed changes are highlighted in yellow in the linked redline draft.

Utah Courts

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