Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed February 3, 2023

Amendments clarify that attorneys and licensed paralegal practitioners must file cases electronically and allow self-represented litigants to file by email.

CJA04-0503. Mandatory electronic filing in civil and probate cases (AMEND)

CJA04-0603. Mandatory electronic filing in criminal cases (AMEND)

CJA04-0801. Filing small claims cases (AMEND)

CJA04-0901. Mandatory electronic filing in juvenile court (AMEND)

CJA09-0302. Mandatory electronic filing in justice court (AMEND)




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One thought on “Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed February 3, 2023
  1. Noel S. Hyde

    Email filings, when permitted, should be restricted to a specific email address for each jurisdiction (preferably to be “as directed by each jurisdiction”), in order to avoid confusion, increased burden on clerical staff, and the substantial probability of filings being lost or misdirected. Court staff should not be expected or required to forward, redirect, or correct emailed documents that are improperly submitted. Other conditions on email filings, such as prohibiting email filings for any documents for which a filing fee is required, should also be imposed.