Rules of Civil Procedure – Comment Period Closed May 22, 2022

URCP026.01. Disclosure and discovery in domestic relations actions. AMEND. There was a potential for ambiguity between the deadlines stated in URCP 26 and 26.1 for service of initial disclosures in domestic relations actions. The change to the first line in part (b) provides clarification.

URCP076.  Notice of contact information change. AMEND. Further change to the last amendment adding “or other court order” to the last line after protective order and stalking injunction.

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One thought on “Rules of Civil Procedure – Comment Period Closed May 22, 2022
  1. Eric K. Johnson

    I see nothing wrong with requiring that the initial disclosures be served at the same time as the Rule 26.1 financial declaration, but 14 days to get them both done and served is just too short a period.

    14 days in which to prepare and serve the initial disclosures and Rule 26.1 financial declaration is way too short. As it is now, next to nobody completes and serves a financial declaration in 14 days, and that’s without having the obligation to complete and serve initial disclosures at the same time. I suggest 28 days for the deadline.