Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed November 21, 2020

CJA03-0301.01. State Court Administrator—Complaints and Performance Review; Complaints Regarding Judicial Officers and State Court Employees (NEW)

Establishes the Management Performance Review Committee, outlines a process for reviewing the performance of the State Court Administrator, and creates an avenue by which complaints regarding the State Court Administrator, judicial officers, and state court employees can be received, reviewed, and investigated.

CJA03-0105. Administration of the Judiciary (NEW)
Sets forth the authority of judges, courts, the Supreme Court, and the Judicial Council to administer the functions of the judicial branch.  Creates a process by which the Supreme Court and Judicial Council may assess and determine exclusive and predominate authority, and how those two bodies will communicate with each other when issues arise.

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3 thoughts on “Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed November 21, 2020
  1. Joseph M. Bean

    We already have JPEC evaluations and the Judicial Conduct Commission for judicial officers, why do we need more bureaucracy? Next we’ll need commissions to oversee other commissions and committees. If there is a need to field complaints about the court administrator then narrow the committee to that inquiry. If the Judicial Conduct Commission is inadequate, then that process needs to be reformed.

  2. Michael Zimmerman

    CJA 03-0105

    This seems an appropriate restatement of the roles of the Court and the Judicial Council, and institutionalization of means for noting and resolving situations where one might trench on an other’s prerogative. This can be an issue that at times lurks unseen.