Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB Petition. Petition to amend fee arbitration rules for a Utah State Bar name change and to raise amount in controversy to $3,000 for sole arbitrator cases.
USB 14-1101 Definitions. Amend. Changes title of Article 11. Changes name of Committee to Fee Dispute Resolution Committee.
USB 14-1102 Purpose and composition of the committee. Amend. Modifies the committee process to alternative dispute resolution rather than arbitration exclusively.
USB 14-1105 Selection of the arbitration panel; additional claims. Amend. Increases the maximum amount in controversy to $3,000.

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One thought on “Rules Governing the Utah State Bar
  1. Constance Lundberg

    Expansion of USB 14-1102 to recognize the variety of alternate dispute resolution formats increases the possibility that parties will find a procedure to meet their conflict resolution needs. It therefore strengthens the ADR option provided by the court and encourages lawyers to be thoughtful and creative in meeting clients’ needs.
    As excellent as the potential of the amendment is, it will not reach its promise unless lawyers are aware of the options. Courts should encourage more training in ADR skills and theory as part CLE and otherwise to assure that the potential of this amendment will be fulfilled.