Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 09-107. Justice Court Technology, Security, and Training Account. New. Establishes the process for allocation of funds from the Justice Court Technology, Security, and Training restricted account. Effective 24-May-04 under Rule 2-205 but subject to further amendment after comment period.

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2 thoughts on “Code of Judicial Administration
  1. Barbara Ishimatsu

    I think that the time frame for requesting money should be more flexible since technology changes so quickly. Six months lead time may be too restrictive to respond to sales or changed market conditions.
    I also think the courts should consider obtaining technology from the University of Utah surplus property system. Computers in good working order are obtainable for less than ten percent of the retail price – and they are still several generations newer than the windows 95 computers used in the court of appeals.

  2. Leslie Mott

    This reflects the West Valley Justice Court’s hours. I believe that if they prove that this change really saves money and works well with the public that all courts should be able to do this. This includes State and City courts. If not all courts are allowed to work 4/10s then I oppose this request. All courts that are opened get the brunt of their calls and the public think other courts can help them. I know 4/10s will work if all courts are to work these hours.