Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 1-205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Establishes the Judicial Outreach Committee. Technical amendments.
CJA 3-111.03. Standards of judicial performance. Establishes 30 hours per year as the minimum standard for certification.
CJA 3-114. Judicial outreach. Identifies the responsibilities of the Judicial Outreach Committee.
CJA 3-201.02. Court Commissioner Conduct Committee. Changes composition of Court Commissioner Conduct Committee.
CJA 3-202. Court Referees. Permits court to hire full or part time referee by contract. Effective December 15, 2003 subject to further amendment after the comment period.
CJA 3-412. Procurement of goods and services. Increases the amount of contracts within the discretion of the TCE from $1000 to $5000.
CJA 4-202.02. Records classification. Changes designation of PSI report from “controlled” to “protected” to conform with statute.
CJA 4-402. Clerical resources. Establishes process for clerical weighted caseload.
CJA 4-701. Failure to appear. Increases bail for failure to appear.
CJA 9-101. Board of Justice Court Judges. Changes justice court representative on the Education Committee.

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  1. Kent Hart

    The rules on hearsay evidence may be unconstritutional in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Crawford case decided last week.