Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Comment Period Closed June 10, 2024

URJP005.Definitions. Amend. Rule 5 is being amended to remove the definition of “adjudication.” Senate Bill 88 of the 2024 Legislative Session amends the definition of “adjudication” as found in Utah Code section 80-1-102. “Adjudication” as defined in statute is also a better fit for the Rules of Juvenile Procedure. As a result of the removal of “adjudication,” the remaining paragraphs are renumbered.

URJP013A.Limited-purpose intervention. New. In response to In re J.T., 2023 UT App 157, Rule 13A guides intervention in the juvenile court.

URJP015.Preliminary inquiry; informal adjustment without petition. Amend. The proposed revision to Rule 15 amends paragraph (f) to refer to statute as the guiding criteria for non-judicial extensions. Additional grammatical and stylistic changes were also made for clarity.

URJP022.Initial appearance and preliminary hearing in cases under Utah Code sections 80-6-503 and 80-6-504. Amend. House Joint Resolution 13 of the 2024 Legislative Session made changes to Rule 7B of the Rules of Criminal Procedure related to hearsay. Paragraph (k) of Rule 22 is amended to mirror those changes. Paragraph (k) is further amended to provide clearer direction regarding the raising of objections at the preliminary hearing. Additional grammatical and stylistic changes were also made for clarity.

URJP031.Initiation of truancy proceedings. Repeal. It is proposed that Rule 31 be repealed based on amendments to statute brought by House Bill 362 of the 2024 Legislative Session. Habitual truancy may be referred to the juvenile court for a non-judicial adjustment, but it may not be petitioned.

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