Rules Governing the State Bar – Comment Period Closed January 26, 2019

The proposed changes add Licensed Paralegal Practitioners to the Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection Rules.  Changes include renaming the Fund and the title of the article “Fund for Client Protection” rather than “Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection.” The proposed changes require Licensed Paralegal Practitioners to contribute to the Fund and allow clients who lose money as a result of the dishonest conduct of Licensed Lawyer Practitioners to make a claim to the Fund for reimbursement.

USB14-0901. Definitions.

USB14-0902. Purpose and scope; establishment of Fund.

USB14-0904. Funding.

USB14-0907. Duties and responsibilities of the committee.

USB14-0908. Conflict of interest.

USB14-0910. Eligible claim.

USB14-0911. Procedures and form; responsibilities of claimants to complete form.

USB14-0912. Processing claims.

USB14-0913. Payment of reimbursement.

USB14-0915. Restitution and subrogation.

USB14-0916. Confidentiality.

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