Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 005. Discretionary appeals from interlocutory orders. Amend. Sets a page limit for a petition for permission to appeal and describes how relevant documents may be referenced; provides that a response to a petition for permission to appeal will not be received unless requested by the court; and provides that cross-petitions for permission to appeal are not permitted.
URAP 023. Motions. Amend. Provides that a reply may be filed no later than five days after service of the response, but allows the court to rule on the motion without awaiting a reply.
URAP 035. Petition for rehearing. Amend. Provides the circumstances under which a party may petition for rehearing.
URAP 037. Suggestion of mootness; voluntary dismissal. Amend. Provides that an appellant’s personal affidavit demonstrating that the decision to dismiss is voluntary need only be filed on a motion to dismiss for reasons other than mootness.

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