Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure

URCrP 11. Pleas. Amend. Clarifies that a judge may approve or reject an agreement to reduce or dismiss charges.
URCrP 12. Motions. Amend. There are two proposed amendments. The first states that a party may submit a written request to submit for decision, but may also otherwise bring a motion to the attention of the court. The second states that a motion challenging jurisdiction must be raised at least five days trial to trial, unless good cause is shown.
URCrP 24. Motion for new trial. Amend. Clarifies the time within which a motion for new trial must be filed, and that an extension must be obtained prior to the expiration of the original period.
URCrP 27. Stays pending appeal. Amend. Clarifies that an appeal of a probable cause denial is to the court where the notice of appeal is transmitted.
URCrP 29A. Change of judge as a matter of right. Amend. Changes the time within which a notice of change must be filed. The time is tied to either assignment after bindover or rejection of a proposed disposition.

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