Rules of Evidence – Comment Period Closed February 26, 2022

URE0412. Admissibility of Victim’s Sexual Behavior or Predisposition (AMEND).  The proposed amendment clarifies that the rule is applicable to juvenile delinquency proceedings.


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3 thoughts on “Rules of Evidence – Comment Period Closed February 26, 2022
  1. Ryan Peters

    Thank you for this much needed change. As a juvenile prosecutor I have had to litigate this very issue before and am glad that it is now being considered for clarity in the rules.

  2. Sandi Johnson

    I am grateful to the committee for recommending this change. I have practiced in juvenile court and this protection for all victims of sexual assault/abuse is necessary and important.

  3. Chris Yannelli

    This is a welcomed change to the Rule. It makes it clear that the protections for all extend to juvenile delinquency proceedings. This is very much supported. Thank you.