Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB 14-0510. Prosecution and appeals. Amend. Provides for stay of dissemination of disciplinary information during the review period.
USB 14-0516. Dissemination of disciplinary information. Amend. Includes admonitions and public reprimands in the Bar Journal.
Petition to amend Rule 14-707 for a revised FBI background report deadline.
USB 14-0707. Application; deadlines; withdrawals; postponements and fees. Amend. Extends the time in which applicants for admission to the Utah State Bar can obtain the mandatory FBI criminal background report.

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One thought on “Rules Governing the Utah State Bar
  1. Richard King

    Regarding USB 14-0516, the proposed rule should not be adopted. If admonitions and public reprimands are to be published, then the entire file, including all of the attorney’s responses, and evidence, should be published as well, so that the entire story can be told.