Code of Judicial Administration – Effective Date May 30, 2024

CJA01-0305. Board of senior judges. Amend. Expands membership on the Board to include senior justice court judges and revises term lengths and the number of Board meetings.

CJA03-0104. Presiding judges. Amend. Removes the requirement to send notice of a senior judge assignment to the State Court Administrator.

CJA03-0108. Judicial assistance. Amend. Adds water law cases to the criteria for transferring or assigning senior judges, and  clarifies and simplifies considerations for assigning senior judges.

CJA03-0111. Performance evaluations. Amend. Removes references to senior judges. The process for evaluating senior judge performance has been incorporated into Rule 11-201.

CJA03-0113. Senior judges. Amend. Requires the AOC to provide a new senior judge orientation and expands the responsibilities of court executives in providing support for senior judges.

CJA03-0403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Clarifies that “annually” refers to the fiscal year and revises and simplifies education requirements for active and inactive senior judges.

CJA03-0501. Insurance benefits upon retirement. Amend. Revises qualifications for incentive benefits.

CJA011-0201. Senior Judges. Amend.

CJA.011-0203. Senior Justice Court Judges. Amend. 

The amendments to Rules 11-201 and 11-203: (1) clarify and revise qualifications for appointment of senior judges, (2) establish qualifications and processes for reappointment of senior judges, (3) establish and revise standards and processes for performance evaluation of senior judges, (4) clarify the role of the Judicial Council in the appointment and reappointment of senior judges, (5) revise the terms of office and authority of senior judges, and (6) include general cleanup for clarity and consistency.


CJA01-0305. Judicial Council Order

CJA03-0104. Judicial Council Order

CJA03-0108. Judicial Council Order

CJA03-0111. Judicial Council Order

CJA03-0113. Judicial Council Order

CJA03-0403. Judicial Council Order

CJA03-0501. Judicial Council Order

CJA011-0201, CJA011-0203. Supreme Court Order

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