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Code of Judicial Administration – Effective May 12, 2020

CJA01-0205. Standing and ad hoc committees (AMEND)
Amends the title of the Uniform Fine and Bail Schedule Committee to the “Uniform Fine Committee.”

CJA04-0302. Uniform recommended fine/bail schedule (AMEND) 

Amends the title of the rule to the “Recommended Uniform Fine Schedule,” deletes “bail” and/or replaces “bail” with “fine,” deletes “and a youth offender schedule” because the Uniform Fine Schedule no longer includes fines regarding youth, minors, or juvenile court, and in regard to presentence investigation reports, deletes “prepared by the Department of  Corrections” and the “Juvenile Court Probation Department” because that is not always the case.

CJA04-0701. Failure to appear (AMEND)
Replaces “forfeit bail” with “remit a fine” and replaces “bail” with “fine.”

CJA04-0704.  Authority of court clerks (AMEND)

Replaces “bail” with “fine,” replaces “forfeit bail” with “remit a fine,” and changes the name of the schedule to the “Uniform Fine Schedule.”
CJA06-0301. Authority of court commissioner as magistrate (AMEND)
Amends “bail” to “fines.”
Appendix B. Justice Court Standards (AMEND)
Amends “bail schedule” to “fine schedule.”
Appendix F. Utah State Courts Records Retention Schedule (AMEND)
Changes the name of the schedule to the “Uniform Fine Schedule.”
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Code of Judicial Administration – Effective November 1, 2018

CJA03-0401. Office of General Counsel.  Amend.  Deletes certain unnecessary and outdated provisions.  Removal of the language in lines 39-42 does not abdicate Judges’ responsibility to make their own decisions pursuant to the Code of Judicial Conduct.

CJA03-0414. Court Security.  Amend.  Allows the Court Security Director to possess a firearm and ammunition in a courthouse when qualified.

CJA04-0202.03. Records Access.  Amend.  Allows for access to certain records for Licensed Paralegal Practitioners.  Allows access to juvenile court social records by entities or individuals providing services to juveniles.

CJA04-202.09. Miscellaneous.  Amend.  Adds specific requirements for records access requests for email correspondence.  Corrects previous publication error regarding Tax-related Records and removal of language requiring certification of omitting / redacting all non-public information from the record.

CJA04-0403. Electronic Signature and Signature Stamp Use.  Amend.  Adds “orders appointing a court visitor” to the list of documents on which a clerk may use a judge’s signature stamp, with prior approval from a judge or commissioner.

CJA04-0701. Failure to Appear.  Amend.  Deletes the reference to failures to appear as a separate offense pursuant to S.B. 58, which eliminated the crime of failure to appear on a citation.

Judicial Council Order

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-0404. Public information program. Amend. Clarifies the purpose of the public information program.
CJA 04-0202.03. Records access. Amend. Resolve a conflict with URCP 107(a).
CJA 04-0202.08 Fees for records, information, and services. Amend. Adjusts the fees for Xchange to include downloading documents. Adds a per-use fee for those who do not subscribe. Waiver of most Xchange fees for the press.
CJA 04-0408.01. Responsibility for administration of trial courts. Amend. Designate Manti as a state court operation rather than by contract with the county.
CJA 04-0701. Failure to appear. Amend. Clarify that the bail increase applies to each case rather than to each charge in the case.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 02-0104. Recording meetings. Amend. Modify provisions about Judicial Council audio record and minutes to conform to amendments to the Open and Public Meetings Act.
CJA 03-0102. Assumption of judicial office. Amend. Make applicable to judges of courts of record and not of record.
CJA 03-0306. Court interpreters. Repeal and Reenact. Clarifies the standards for appointing a certified, approved or conditionally approved interpreter. Improves the initial training requirements. Adds Guardianship and Conservatorship appointments to cases requiring a certified interpreter. Identifies the discipline process. Simplifies translation of forms. Permits hiring an interpreter as an employee.
CJA 04-0202.02 Record classification. Amend Classifies business address, phone and email of a non-party as a public record. Residential and personal information of a non-party would remain private.
CJA 04-0409. Council approval of Problem Solving Courts. Amend. Delete reference to repealed section of the Utah Code.
CJA 04-0701. Failure to appear. Amend. Conforming to HB 292, eliminates the requirement for a ciminal information before issuing a warrant for failure to appear in an infraction.
CJA 04-0906. Guardian ad litem program. Amend. Provides that the Guardian ad Litem Oversight Committee appoints the director.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 01-205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Establishes the Judicial Outreach Committee. Technical amendments.
CJA 03-111.03. Standards of judicial performance. Amend. Establishes 30 hours per year as the minimum standard for certification.
CJA 03-114. Judicial outreach. Amend. Identifies the responsibilities of the Judicial Outreach Committee.
CJA 03-201.02. Court Commissioner Conduct Committee. Amend. Changes composition of Court Commissioner Conduct Committee.
CJA 03-403. Judicial branch education. Amend. Eliminates mandatory attendance at annual judicial conference.
CJA 03-412. Procurement of goods and services. Amend. Increases the amount of contracts within the discretion of the TCE from $1000 to $5000.
CJA 04-202.02. Records classification. Amend. Changes designation of PSI report from “controlled” to “protected” to conform with statute.
CJA 04-402. Clerical resources. Repeal and reenact. Establishes process for clerical weighted caseload.
CJA 04-701. Failure to appear. Amend. Increases bail for failure to appear.
CJA 09-101. Board of Justice Court Judges. Amend. Changes justice court representative on the Education Committee.
CJA 09-103. Certification of education requirements. Amend. Amend to conform to statutes.

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