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Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Effective November 1, 2018

URJP011. Amended. Clarifies that a request to extend the time period for filing a petition related to a detention order shall be made specifically by motion rather than merely “a separate written request.” Eliminates outdated language regarding court forms.

URJP018. Amended. Adds the term “parents” to make the language of the rule consistent with 78A-6-109.

URJP053. Appearance and withdrawal of counsel. Amended. Clarifies standards by which both retained and court-appointed counsel may withdraw as counsel of record in juvenile court proceedings.

URJP058. Amended. Adds a reference to Chapter 37 to the statement “the court shall honor the rights and procedures accorded to victims pursuant to Title 77, Chapters 37 and 38, Victims Rights.”

Supreme Court Order

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Utah Rules of Juvenile Procedure

URJP 44. Findings and conclusions. Amend. Clarifies requirement to review proposed order prior to signing.
URJP 45. Pre disposition reports and social studies. Amend. Identifies the official responsible for delivery of the pre-disposition report.
URJP 46. Disposition hearing. Amend. Clarifies requirement to prepare proposed order and review it prior to signing.
URJP 53. Appearance and withdrawal of counsel. Amend. Modifies certification of counsel for withdrawal after final order.

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