Code of Judicial Administration – Effective November 1, 2023

CJA06-0507. Court visitors (AMEND). The proposed amendments replace “protected person” and “ward” with “respondent” where applicable; clarify who may receive a court visitor report or notice; require court visitors to use a Council-approved Order on Review form; and provide the court with broad discretion in taking action on a court visitor report. Language access requirements are addressed elsewhere in the Code of Judicial Administration.

CJA03-0414. Court security (AMEND). The proposed amendments require officers in plain clothes to wear something that identifies them as law enforcement; requires officers to use a duty-type holster with a user-operated restraining device if a firearm is visible; clarifies who is allowed to carry firearms in courthouses; and otherwise cleans up or streamlines the rule. “Law enforcement officials” remains in subsection (8)(B)(ii).

Judicial Council Order