Code of Judicial Administration – Effective November 1, 2021

CJA01-0205. Standing and ad hoc committees (AMEND)

The approved amendments changed the membership of the Standing Committee on Pretrial Release and Supervision.

CJA03-0415. Auditing (AMEND)

The approved amendments more clearly define the types of audits conducted by the Audit Department, clarify audit procedures, and identify the individuals involved at critical points.

CJA03-0419. Office of Fairness and Accountability (NEW)

Identifies the objectives of the Office of Fairness and Accountability and the duties of the Director of the Office of Fairness and Accountability.

CJA04-0206. Exhibits (AMEND)

The approved amendments address custody, disposal, and storage of physical and electronic evidence.

CJA04-0401.02. Possession and use of portable electronic devices (AMEND)

The approved amendments allow JPEC to continue to use recordings to evaluate the performance of justice court judges subject to a basic evaluation.

CJA07-0302. Court reports prepared for delinquency cases (AMEND)

The Sentencing Commission released a new Juvenile Disposition Guide that does not provide specific recommendations for disposition, only factors that should be considered. The approved amendments align the rule with the statute regarding probation’s role in victim restitution (78A-6-117(j)(ix-x)) and the new Juvenile Disposition Guidelines.

Judicial Council Order