Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 5. Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Discipline and Disability

URGLPP15-0501. Purpose, authority, scope and structure of licensed paralegal practitioner disciplinary and disability proceedings.

URGLPP15-0502. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0503. Ethics and discipline committee.

URGLPP15-0504. OPC counsel.

URGLPP15-0505. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0506. Jurisdiction.

URGLPP15-0507. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0508. Periodic assessment of licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP15-0509. Grounds for discipline.

URGLPP15-0510. Prosecution and appeals

URGLPP15-0511. Proceedings subsequent to finding of probable cause.

URGLPP15-0512. Sanctions.

URGLPP15-0513. Immunity from civil suits.

URGLPP15-0514. Service.

URGLPP15-0515. Access to disciplinary information.

URGLPP15-0516. Dissemination of disciplinary information.

URGLPP15-0517. Additional rules of procedure.

URGLPP15-0518. Interim suspension for threat of harm.

URGLPP15-0519. Licensed paralegal practitioners convicted of a crime.

URGLPP15-0520. Discipline by consent.

URGLPP15-0521. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0522. Reciprocal discipline.

URGLPP15-0523. Proceedings in which licensed paralegal practitioner is declared to be incompetent or alleged to be incapacitated.

URGLPP15-0524. Reinstatement following a suspension of six months or less.

URGLPP15-0525. Reinstatement following a suspension of more than six months; relicensure.

URGLPP15-0526. Notice of disability or suspension; return of clients’ property; refund of unearned fees.

URGLPP15-0527. Appointment of trustee to protect clients’ interest when a licensed paralegal practitioner disappears, dies, is suspended or delicensed, or is transferred to disability status.

URGLPP15-0528. Appeal by complainant.

URGLPP15-0529. Statute of limitations.

URGLPP15-0530. Costs.

URGLPP15-0531. Noncompliance with child support order, child visitation order, subpoena or order relating to paternity or child support proceeding.

URGLPP15-0532. Failure to answer charges.

URGLPP15-0533. Diversion.

Supreme Court Order