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Rules of Appellate Procedure – Effective May 1, 2016

URAP 021. Filing and service. Amend. Provides that if a filing including an addendum contains non-public information, the filer must also file a redacted version of the filing.

URAP 038A. Withdrawal of counsel. Amend. Requires that appointed appellate counsel represent a client through the first appeal as of right.

URAP 040. Attorney’s or party’s certificate; sanctions and discipline. Amend. Provides that a person may sign a document using any form recognized by law as binding. Provides that by signing a document, a person makes certain representations to the court including that a filing made under rule 21(g) does not contain non-public information.

Supreme Court Order.

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Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 004. Appeal as of right: when taken. Amend. The amendment deletes the paragraph on notices of appeal filed by inmates, which provision is moved to Rule 21. The amendment also clarifies the time for filing a cross-appeal. The time begins from the date that the notice of appeal is docketed, rather than filed.
URAP 021. Filing and service. Amend. The amendment includes the provisions on filing notices of appeal by inmates. The amendments also clarify where filings are to be made and when filing is deemed accomplished.
Supreme Court Order
URAP 038A. Withdrawal of counsel. Amend. Places the burden on opposing counsel to file the notice to appoint or appear when an attorney withdraws from a case. This will make the practice similar to the practice in trial courts.
Supreme Court Order

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