Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 8. Reserved.

Article 9. Reserved. 

Article 10. Reserved. 

Article 11. Resolution of Fee Disputes for Licensed Paralegal Practitioners

URGLPP15-01101. Definitions.

URGLPP15-01102. Purpose and composition of the committee.

URGLPP15-01103. Exclusions.

URGLPP15-01104. Petition; agreement to arbitrate, answer, discovery; and extension.

URGLPP15-01105. Selection of the arbitration panel; additional claims.

URGLPP15-01106. Conduct of the hearing; evidence and civil procedure; right to counsel; right to record hearing; effect of failure to appear; postponements.

URGLPP15-01107. Award; form; service of award; judicial confirmation of award.

URGLPP15-01108. Relief granted by award; accord and satisfaction application to court; confidentiality; enforceability of award; claims of malpractice.

URGLPP15-01109. Ex parte communication between the parties and the panel members.

URGLPP15-01110. Necessary parties.

URGLPP15-01111. Exemption from future testimony and confidentiality of records and information.

URGLPP15-01112. Request and agreement to mediate fee dispute, answer.

URGLPP15-01113. Selection of mediator.

URGLPP15-01114. Matters entitled to mediation.

URGLPP15-01115. Mediation is voluntary.

URGLPP15-01116. Conduct of the mediation.

URGLPP15-01117. Confidentiality.

URGLPP15-01118. Ex parte communications with the mediator.

URGLPP15-01119. Exemption from future testimony.

URGLPP15-01120. Mediation agreement.

Article 12. Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct

URGLPP Preamble: A Licensed Paralegal Practitioner’s Responsibilities.

Supreme Court Order