Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

Revisions to Utah State Bar’s Fee Dispute Rules (formerly Fee Arbitration Rules) to further clarify the mediation process approved by the Supreme Court last year. The amendments provide additional details, such as what qualifies for mediation, how mediation can be requested, how mediators are selected, confidentiality, mediation procedures.
USB 14-1103. Exclusions. Amend.
USB 14-1112. Request and agreement to mediate fee dispute, answer. New.
USB 14-1113. Selection of mediator. New.
USB 14-1114. Matters entitled to mediation. New.
USB 14-1115. Mediation is voluntary. New.
USB 14-1116. Conduct of the mediation. New.
USB 14-1117. Confidentiality. New.
USB 14-1118. Ex parte communications with the mediator. New.
USB 14-1119. Exemption from future testimony. New.
USB 14-1120. Mediation agreement. New.
Supreme Court Order