Code of Judicial Administration – Effective May 1, 2023

Appendix B. Justice Court Standards for Recertification (AMEND). Code of Judicial Administration Rule 9-108 requires that justice court standards be reviewed and updated every two years. The amendments streamline the appendix, provide clarity, and incorporate recent statutory amendments.

CJA01-0201. Judicial Council Membership – Election (AMEND)

CJA01-0302. Board of Judges – Membership – Officers – Secretariat (AMEND)

Clarifies that Council members may serve as non-voting members of a trial court board and continues to allow an exception for the appellate courts. Reflects the Judicial Council’s membership exception for the Standing Committee on Judicial Fairness and Accountability set forth in rule 1-205(1)(C).

CJA04-0202.04. Request to access a record associated with a case; request to classify a record associated with a case (AMEND). Clarifies that requesters denied access to non-public court records associated with a case that they are not authorized to access under rule 4-202.03 must file a motion or petition to access the record.

Judicial Council Order