Rules of Criminal Procedure – Effective October 1, 2020

Amends rules on pretrial release practices in response to HB 206.

URCrP004. Prosecution by information. Amend.

URCrP006. Warrant of arrest or summons. Amend.

URCrP007. Initial proceeding for class A misdemeanors and felonies. Amend.

URCrP007A. Procedures for arraignment on class B and C misdemeanors, or infractions. Amend.

URCrP009. Proceedings for persons arrested without a warrant on suspicion of crime. Amend.

URCrP009A. Proceedings for persons arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant. Amend.

URCrP010. Arraignment. Amend.

URCrP027. Stay of sentence pending motions for new trial or appeal from court of record. Amend.

URCrP027A. Stays pending approval from a court not of record – Appeals for a trial de novo. Amend.

URCrP027B. Stays pending approval from a court not of record – Hearings de novo, DUI and reckless driving case. Amend.

URCrP028. Disposition after appeal. Amend.

URCrP038. Appeals from justice court and district court. Amend.

URCrP041. Unsecured bonds. New.

Supreme Court Order