Code of Judicial Administration – Effective November 1, 2017

CJA04-103 Civil calendar management. Amend. Pursuant to Cannon v. Holmes, 2016 UT 42, and Civil Rule 41, requires that all orders of dismissal entered under the rule must contain the language “without prejudice.”

CJA4-202.09 Miscellaneous. Amend. Provides that records in property and use tax cases involving commercial information as that term is defined in Utah Code § 59-1-404 are protected. If a request is made to access a record or records, the records will be released within 14 days, except for specific records ordered by the court as sealed, private, protected, or safeguarded. 30 days after the court issues a non-appealable, final order, all records will be public, except as otherwise classified.

CJA09-301 Record of arraignment and conviction. Repeal. The Court of Appeals has determined that failure to follow this rule does not affect the validity of a plea or conviction with respect to enhancements. State v. Gonzales, 2005 UT App 538, 127 P.3d 1252. The rule is also redundant to other rules and statutes. See, e.g., URCrP Rule 11, CJA Rule 4-609, Utah Code § 53-10-208.1.

Judicial Council Order