Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 1. Reserved

Article 2. Reserved

Article 3. Standards of Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Professionalism and Civility

URGLPP15-0301. Standards of licensed paralegal practitioner professionalism and civility.

Article 4. Mandatory Continuing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Education

URGLPP15-0401. Purpose.

URGLPP15-0402. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0403. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0404. Active status licensed paralegal practitioner: MCLE.

URGLPP15-0405. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on inactive status.

URGLPP15-0406. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on active military duty.

URGLPP15-0407. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0408. Credit hour defined; application for approval.

URGLPP15-0409. Self-study categories of accredited MCLE defined.

URGLPP15-0410. Accreditation of MCLE; attendance; undue hardship and special accreditation.

URGLPP15-0411. Board accreditation of non-approved  sponsor courses.

URGLPP15-0412. Presumptively approved sponsors; presumptive MCLE accreditation.

URGLPP15-0413. MCLE credit for qualified audio and video presentations; webcasts; computer interactive telephonic programs; writing; lecturing; teaching; live attendance.

URGLPP15-0414. Certificate of compliance; filing, late, and reinstatement fees; suspension; reinstatement.

URGLPP15-0415. Failure to satisfy MCLE requirements; notice; appeal procedures; reinstatement; waivers and extensions; deferrals.

URGLPP15-0416. Limited paralegal practitioner on active status not practicing in Utah; limited paralegal practitioner on active status engaged in full-time volunteer work in remote locations.

URGLPP15-0417. Miscellaneous fees and expenses.

Supreme Court Order