Rules Governing the Utah State Bar and Rules of Professional Practice – Effective May 1, 2024

Move the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Rules from Chapter 14, Article 4 to Chapter 11 in a new Article 6; to repeal Chapter 14, Article 4; to then renumber rules referenced in the new Article 6;  Moving the article from the chapter entitled “Rules Governing the Utah State Bar, to the chapter entitled “General Provisions will help to distinguish the responsibility of the Court from the activities of the Bar.

Article 6; Clarify Board governance and make duties more transparent; The new rule includes “the Director” in the definitions, with a description that will help to clarify that the Director is appointed by the Court and supervised by the Board.

Expanding the definition of accredited “Professionalism and Civility CLE” to include instruction on Well-being and law practice management; incorporating the term “substance use disorder” and “instruction on equal access to justice, fairness, and respect for others.”

Increasing the time from six months to twelve months that lawyers and paralegal practitioners may remain on inactive status before changing to active status without complying with the annual CLE requirements.

Technical amendments clarifying that the total number of Board members is ten, excluding any additional emeritus members; and formalizing that a quorum for taking action is six.

Chapter 14 Article 4

USB14-0401. Purpose. Amend.

USB14-0402. Definitions. Amend

USB14-0403. Establishment and membership of Board. Amend

USB14-0404. Active status lawyers MCLE, NLTP, admission on motion, multi-state compliance reciprocity, house counsel and UBE requirements; MCLE requirements for Paralegal Practitioners. Amend.

USB14-0405. MCL requirements for lawyers and paralegal practitioners on inactive status. Amend.

USB14-0406. MCL requirements for lawyers on active military duty and lawyers who are spouses of active military members stationed in Utah. Amend.

USB14-0407. MCL requirements for lawyers on active emeritus status. Amend.

USB14-0408. Credit hour defined; application for approval. Amend.

USB14-0409. Categories of Elective CLE defined. Amend.

USB14-0410. Accreditation of MCLE; undue hardship and special Accreditation. Amend.

USB14-0411. Board Accreditation of CLE. Amend.

USB14-0412. Presumptively approved CLE providers; presumptive CLE Accreditation. Amend.

USB14-0413. CEL Accreditation for qualified audio and video presentations, webcasts, computer interactive programs, writing, lecturing, teaching, public service, and verified attendance. Amend.

USB14-0414. Certificate of compliance; filing, late, and reinstatement fees; suspension; retirement. Amend.

USB14-0415. Failure to satisfy MCLE requirements; notice; appeal procedures; reinstatement; waivers and extensions; deferrals. Amend.

USB14-0416. Lawyers on active status not practicing law in Utah; Paralegal Practitioners on active status outside of Utah; Lawyers or paralegal practitioners on active status engaged in full-time volunteer work in remote locations. Amend.

USB14-0417. Miscellaneous fees and expenses. Amend.

USB14-0418. Remote group CLE. Amend.

USB14-0419. CLE credit for Pro Bono Legal Services. Amend.

Supreme Court Order


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