Rules of Appellate Procedure – Effective May 1, 2024

URAP003. Appeal as of right – how taken; URAP005. Discretionary appeals from interlocutory orders; URAP014. Review of administrative orders: how obtained; intervention; URAP019. Extraordinary relief; and URAP048. Time for petitioning. (Amend). The amendments to Rules 3, 5, 14, 19, and 48 modify the fee provision language in each rule to direct parties to the requirements of Rule 21, which addresses filing and service, and its provisions regarding payment of filing fees.

Additionally, the amendments to Rule 14 adds a provision for agencies to file the record within 21 days upon receiving a request from the appellate courts.

URAP021. Filing and service. (Amend). The amendments to Rule 21: (1) notify parties that the appellate courts are transitioning to an e-filing system; (2) specify the date when all licensed attorneys will be required to file using the e-filing system; (3) explain that filing fees will be required to be paid through the e-filing system when documents are e-filed; (4) clarify that failure to pay a filing fee may result in dismissal; and (5) update the provisions regarding service for documents that are e-filed.

URAP026. Filing and serving briefs. (Amend). The amendments to Rule 26: (1) update paragraph (b) to include a requirement for copies of briefs that are e-filed; and (2) clarify paragraph (d) to make clear that only physical records need be returned.

URAP027. Form of briefs, motions, and other documents. (Amend). The amendments to Rule 27: (1) provide more detailed guidance for preparing the caption for briefs and conform the rule to current practice; (2) remove the requirement that opposing counsel be listed on the cover, as this information will be included on a following page; (3) clarify the requirements for captions on petitions and motions or other documents that are not a brief or petition; and (4) require hard copies of briefs be submitted to the appellate courts using only a binder clip, rather than a velo or similar binding along the left edge.

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